How to use wordpress to write a blog for dummies

Log in to Bluehost and pick the website builder of your choice: My suggestion, prefer Exact search when you are doing research for your micro-niche site and broad search when you are writing on the personal blog.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research

To get started, head to www. So now, we have one keyword with us, and similarly, you can find many keywords related to your niche.

How to Set Up a Blog, by Using WordPress

A lot of free themes offer excellent functionality, sometimes even better than a theme you might pay for. Often times, people want to add more functions to their page with a plugin but free blogs limit the ones you can use.


I have highlighted Keyword competition column with the red box. Joomla one-click-installation tutorial Once you have managed to grab a domain name and hosting from Bluehost, you should: Basically, this would help us determine how easy or difficult it is to rank for a certain keyword.

The idea behind performing a research is to, find the keywords that can give maximum traffic and comes with less competition. It also gets your site listed in Technorati and other blog aggregation services. It allows you to keep track of how many subscribers your blog has and what services your readers use.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

I will come up with a post on the same, but for now, you can subscribe to my Email newsletter for next update. And by the end, the sale happens only when you are getting targeted traffic.

Mei also touched on how social networking sites are going to increase in popularity and some people may be better at using it appropriately than others. When you initially join any wireless network, your device will add an entry to the WLAN Profile list, making a record of the SSID, authentication credentials if used so that in the future if this SSID is present the device can hop onto the Wi-Fi with no very little prompting from you, the user.

In case, if you have questions feel free to ask via comments. Because of that, my good friend Joost wrote a plugin which automatically redirects commenters to any page on your site. Do pay attention to Column call CPC. Back to the above screenshot, clicking on view full reports would show detailed information about all keywords.

You can create your SEO strategy depending upon your post quality and length.


For example, in above image, I have applied filter for U. Global monthly search shows the average of search happened in last 12 months globally. I agree that technology has both its advantages and disadvantages but because I think that the benefits outweigh the consequences, I am a techno-optimist.

Change the Domain — On a typical install, your blog will show in the WordPress settings without the www in the domain. I initially wanted to write a short article with a few tips to pick a good blog name, but this article ended up being a BEAST with a few thousand words worth of tips, so I.

Once you’ve chosen a domain name and you’ve registered for an account with Bluehost, you’re ready to build with WordPress. To begin creating a WordPress. From WordPress For Dummies, Find basic information and statistics for your website, as well as information from the WordPress Development Blog and other blogs run by those involved with WordPress development or resources.

Write and publish new static pages for your site, and edit or delete previous pages; assign pages to custom page. WordPress All-in-One For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)) [Lisa Sabin-Wilson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Everything you need to know about WordPress If you strive to have a blog that suits your needs. To write your first blog post, click on the Posts» Add New menu in your WordPress dashboard. You will see an editor area where you can write your first blog post.

Once you’re done writing, go ahead and click on the Publish button on the right to publish your first blog post to the world. Are You a Techno-Optimist or a Techno-Pessimist?

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“Reflections” is a new category of posts aimed to engage discussion about broader issues in technology and ethics.

How to use wordpress to write a blog for dummies
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