Narrative essay on childbirth

I was prancing around the hallways and stopping to do a little boogie shakes here and there. It happened so fast that I could not catch a breath in between. I would do it all over again.

I was lying on my left-side and was nauseated.

Narrative Essay Giving Birth

The sun was shining through my bedroom window of the small two bedroom apartment that was shared between me and my roommate. I wanted my pregnancy to be very private. She was trying to get me to look into her eyes. They wheeled me in the Surgery room at 7 pm and placed me on a gurney. The Doctor notified me of six other C-Sections he had to do, so he scheduled me for 7 pm and disengaged the drip.

I begin thinking in ways that would have never come to mind before had my daughter never been born into this world. As I am finishing I have a nurse approach me to take my blood pressure and vitals. I replied that I was ready for the epidural.

With each increase made to the dosage of the artificial hormone, the epidural lost some of its numbing effect, so an increase was made to its strength as well. I was dilated two centimeters but was not in labor and had no sign of contractions.

As we are walking down the hallway, I am being stared at by all the passersby's. This had been the scariest and the happiest day of my life. She does not have to repeat my mistakes. This is the story of the birth of my first child, my beautiful daughter Sydne, who is the inspiration for my work with families.

We continued trying to breastfeed throughout our stay in the hospital. The pain had become unbearable and I was forever thankful when I was told by the mid-wife that it was time to start pushing the baby out.

As a general rule in my mind, when you are in the hospital staying overnight I always thought you needed an IV hooked up. I was in the bathtub maybe twenty minutes. I just brought another human being into this world.

I needed to be the mother that my child could be proud of. Writing your birth story: Learning new things everyday. I had only been in the bed a few minutes it seemed, when my water broke with a gush.

I started to cry and told her I did not want an IV. She was healthy and happy. She was a very quiet middle aged Asian lady, with kind eyes and delicate hands.

I felt very weak.

narrative essay- giving birth, its not graphic

Before we even pull in, I have my seatbelt off and my hand on the car door ready to open it. I was not able to take a deep breath and started to panic.

All I could do was scream in agony. Do you have extra clothes. The offer was made to have an injection of morphine. All of the choices I made were motivated out of fear. As a doula, I can be available to provide information to my clients and respect whatever decision they make in the end. During one of many nightly trips to the bathroom, I noticed goop on the pad in my underwear.

I was embarrassed, but the doctor reassured me that it was ok. I thought he was going to fall out right then and there. While lying down, an excruciating pain shot through my back. I have overcome the challenges of learning to bond after a difficult birth.

I popped the trunk twice to make sure all bags were in. Sep 06,  · Dear Readers, When I certified as a birth doula, I was asked to write a reflective essay on the birth of one of my children. This is the story of the birth of my first child, my beautiful daughter Sydne, who is the inspiration for my work with families.

Nursing: Childbirth Essay. Childbirth and Reflective Practice Narrative Essay. Reflective Practice Narrative (RPN): Pre-natal Education Childbirth could be an exciting experience in which for most pregnant women and even if a woman has already a child, labor and birth process are both overwhelming and joyful.

Days of delivery (narrative) Essay; Days of delivery (narrative) Essay. Words 5 Pages. Pregnancy and childbirth are a part of nature. Delivering a child can be a beautiful experience.

The Birth Narrative

However, delivery can also be very painful and can last for days. My mom drove me to what would become my last visit to the doctor’s office before. The Birth Narrative Essays: OverThe Birth Narrative Essays, The Birth Narrative Term Papers, The Birth Narrative Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. True birth stories from BabyCenter readers! Birth story: A head-down honeymoon baby Our little Naomae was a surprise, but it seems that she was entwined with us.

"Narrative Essays About Child Birth" Essays and Research Papers Narrative Essays About Child Birth About Narrative Essay Narrative essay is a popular topic on the Continuous Writing section and students should take note that this topic has appeared in the SPM examination almost every year since the paper was introduced.

Narrative essay on childbirth
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